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The Newberrytown Church of God (NCOG) was dedicated on February 1st, 1857 so we have proudly celebrated over 160 years of serving God in Newberrytown.


Unfortunately, in 2014, it was determined that our building was in need of extensive repairs.  The congregation made the decision to invest in a new building.


The Bible teaches that the church is not a physical building, it is the people who know God and work to carry out His will. A wide variety of people, young and old, from all walks of life now gather each week at our Worship Center.  

We invite you and your family to visit and worship with us.  Our doors are open to you to be a part of our future.  We broke ground on April 2nd 2017 on our new building was dedicated on Nov. 12th 2017.


We hope to see you in worship, bible study, or just to stop by to chat at our current location of 2825 Old Trail Road York Haven PA  17370.

We are a part of the Church of God General Conference.  Go to the following link for more information about who we are and what we believe.

Newberrytown Church of God


We want you to be a part of our future at NCOG.


It is about Jesus. None of us are perfect. I know I am far from it. But all praise to God who has helped me mature and grow so that each day I may try to become more of who I was always suppose to be. I talk to people all the time who are "afraid" to come to church. They are afraid of sharing of their past. They are afraid to be real and honest with God. They are afraid they will be judged or convicted, or put down. While I can never promise that could never occur, it is not the heart of God who welcomes anyone who is humble. So even if you have not been to church in a long time; even if you are hurting; even if you are scared; I invite you to join with my congregation.  God loves you and wants to heal the broken parts of your soul.

I promise my motivation is only because I care. I really do care all about any of you who may read this. I just want you to know why you are on this Earth, and the role that God has in your life. The church is never intended to be a museum to look at "pretty things" but a hospital for those in need. So churches like hospitals can be messy, loud, etc, but the goal is to save lives and improve the quality of life. While our bodies are very important, they are only a part of who we are. God wishes to restore our souls and lead us into healthy spiritual lives. While many of you may feel bitter, lonely, and depressed this time of year, while feeling like you have to put on a front. God wants to invite you into his family. Since the beginning God has always want you to know more of him so that you can really know you. If you ever want to talk. I am here. But please consider connecting in Worship.

If you know Jesus, then allow him to shine in and thru you to those who are hurting around you this year. And yes even those who know Jesus hurt. They are not immune to pain. So never feel embrassed that you hurt or need help. Never cover up sin because you are embrassed. If you are honest and real and repent, God will forgive. He will always welcome you into his loving arms of mercy. So I ask that we pray for each other and for those that are hurting to find healing. That our eyes, ears, hearts and minds would be open to love each other in our congregation and those outside of it as well this Christmas.


Love you all. Pastor Jonathan Bowers


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