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Newberrytown Church of God

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There is no such thing as a perfect church. Churches are made up of people, and all people have faults. With that said, I promise anyone that is looking for a church family that at the Newberrytown Church of God, that as the pastor I will do my best to help us all love God and love people. That I will do my best to facilitate and promote the good news of Jesus Christ. Nothing makes my life feel like it is right than helping someone that wants to know about Jesus and sharing life with that person. That if you desire it, I will do my best to help us all be disciples of Jesus Christ. If you live in Etters, Newberrytown, or York Haven and you have always felt like there is something missing in your life. That there is something much larger that your soul hungers for, I would be so honored to meet with you and talk with you, or invite you to any class or worship service we have. Nothing would make me happier that to help all of us know more about the God who created us and what he wants in our lives. If you have never been to church before, no worry. We are not at the church because we have our lives are all together, but because we know the one that has all things together in Jesus Christ. If you are sad, angry, hurt, or just feeling a bit lost in life, we would love to meet you. My goal in life to is help us live the lives that God desires. God Bless you all. Pastor Bowers

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